Kellyanne Conway Is Surprisingly Cool About Kate McKinnon’s SNL Impression Of Her

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty.
Unlike her boss, Kellyanne Conway is unbothered by the way she is represented on Saturday Night Live. Trump’s campaign manager, and now his right-hand woman was profiled by the Hollywood Reporter. In a rapid fire interview clip, Conway was asked how she felt about Kate McKinnon’s impression of her on SNL. I expected a rant, or at least an eye-roll from Conway. But instead, she had some constructive criticism. She thinks McKinnon’s version of her should be “happier.” Despite the pressures of getting Trump elected, Conway insists that she’s known for being happy. In fact, she likes “A Day Off with Kellyanne Conway” the most. There’s a chance that the “counselor to the president” may feel differently about McKinnon’s latest take on her, which depicts her as a fame-hungry showgirl. But the irony of her changing her tune while doing an interview with a publication called The Hollywood Reporter while bragging about her ability to appear on any show at any time, would have been too good to be true.

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