This Year, Say Happy Valentine’s Day With These Vagentines Cards

Photographed By Laura Fabens-Lassen
Laura Fabens-Lassen is from Philadelphia, PA, and she makes vagina cards. The tagline? "Vagentines — like valentines, but a lil more personal." I mean…can you even?
Fabens-Lassen started making vagentines for her sister a few years ago. The original batch was a little more "intense" than this one, she told us over email. "They said ‘Be Mine’ on the front, and when you opened the card, it revealed a woman spread eagle on the inside," she wrote. (We imagine laughter as she typed.) "As years went on — and vagina art really started to trend — my sister suggested they could be marketable, and I made another version last year," Fabens-Lassen wrote. She told us she’d like to do a new version every year.
The cards, beautiful and bold, with illustrations made to look like Sailor Jerry tattoos and sassy sayings to match, will make the perfect valentines for all the nasty women in your life, or just, you know, your friends, partner, the person you secretly admire. All six designs are available on Etsy — plus, 30% of the proceeds for every card you buy goes to Planned Parenthood. “I'm big into letting the people in my life know I care about them, so I'll be giving out a lot of vagentines,” Fabens-Lassen shared. “My sister might get an X-rated version.”
We think you know what you're giving your S.O. this Valentine's Day. Click through to see all the vagentine designs.

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