Hey, People, Mary Tyler Moore Was More Than A “Sexy Housewife”

Screen legend Mary Tyler Moore died today. She was a Hollywood legend with many illustrious honors to her name and plenty of charity work under her belt. She also trail-blazed a path for women on TV. But People magazine decided to highlight a totally different aspect of Moore's career. In its obituary for Moore, People states that she was "TV’s first sexy housewife" before mentioning anything else. The rest of the article does enumerate all of the ways that Moore changed the landscape for women in media. However, that opening sentence definitely felt out of place in a story that was intended to celebrate Moore's life and work. It didn't go unnoticed. Twitter user Molly Mulshine spotted the declaration pretty quickly.
Instead of focusing on her role on The Dick Van Dyke Show, others on Twitter decided to shine a light on different aspects of Moore's career, like how she paved the way for women years after The Mary Tyler Moore Show aired. Moore showed generations of women that hard work and determination could get them anywhere.
A few people even pointed out how Moore's character stood out from cookie-cutter TV tropes by doing revolutionary things like dating younger men and living alone.
People, let's get one thing straight: She may have been sexy, but she was so much more than that.

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