Sherri Shepherd Just Embarrassed Her Ex In An Epic Way

Photo: Maarten de Boer/NBC/Getty.
Sometimes the best source of intel on a new potential boo is from their ex. And if your potential new boo is Lamar Sally, his ex-wife Sherri Shepherd is more than willing to help. After she came across Sally’s dating profile on, the actress and former host of The View wanted to set the record straight about his income level claims. Sally boasts that he makes $75-100k annually on his profile. But according to Shepherd, this is in direct conflict with court documents where he claims to only be working part time. She posted a warning to her nearly 800,000 followers on Twitter that Sally wasn’t the earner hesays he is. Shepherd also had something to say about a comment Sally left on Facebook where he declared that he was, “Single, well off, and seriously looking” complete with a smiley face and a picture of himself. Again, it was Sally’s allusions to his financial status that prompted Shepherd’s masterful shade. She noted that her monthly child support payments are part of his financial package. Sips…tea. According to E! News, this drag from Shepherd comes in the midst of an ongoing child support battle in which Sally is seeking more than the amount Shepherd was ordered to pay by the New Jersey courts. If you’re looking to date Sally, at least you have all the facts. Check out Shepherd’s snubs below.

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