9 Snuggly Sex Positions for When It's Cold Outside

With the massive snowstorm Grayson unleashing a brutal chill along the east coast, most of us are hopefully spending a lot of time indoors, hot water bottles in hand. "Bomb cyclone" aside, though, you’d be forgiven for feeling like winter itself isn’t exactly the sexiest season of the year (perpetually chapped lips, anyone?).
The good news is, being holed up indoors arguably gives you and your partner plenty of opportunity to have mega hot sex (literally). We’re not saying you should feel compelled to go to town on your chilly tiled kitchen floor, but there’s something to be said about some extra body heat in the bleak mid-winter — with the right positions, that is.
Ahead, 10 snuggly sex positions to try this winter.
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In this position, referred to in the Kama Sutra as padmasana, one (flexible) partner sits in the yoga-style lotus pose with their legs crossed, and the other partner sits on their lap, wrapping their legs around their lover, while allowing the penis or dildo (a strap-on with harness works wonders in this position) to enter them.

Since both partners are face to face, not only is lotus pose intimate, but it allows for wrapping multiple limbs around one another — think of it as an advanced hug with penetration. The closeness and cardio required to ride a penis or dildo is sure to break a sweat. And speaking sweetly, this position is perfect for making out during sex. Plus, you can enjoy the heat of one another’s breath.
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If crossed legs feels too complicated, try out this position, which I fondly refer to as “lazy lotus.” Both parties still face one another in a seated position. While the receiving partner wraps their legs around the other, the one providing the penetration is free to stretch out. This position provides just as much pleasure, intimacy, and warmth — with fewer leg cramps.

As Coleen Singer, the resident sexologist at Sssh.com (a porn site directed at women), once told Refinery29, “You can feel one another’s heartbeat and breath — that allows you to get even closer.”
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While many of us (unfortunately) have experienced boring and lackluster missionary sex, this classic often gets an unfair rep.

Missionary is a perfect winter sex position for both partners, as the penetrating partner will work up a sweat through thrusting, and the receiving partner can enjoy the toasty sensation of having a warm body on top of them. For added intimacy,have the bottom partner wrap their legs around the top, or place a pillow beneath their butt to experiment with various angles of penetration.
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Fire Hydrant

When it’s sleeting outside, your hot water isn’t working, and a bed full of comforters is calling your name, any sex position that requires standing may seem counter-intuitive to to warming up. But hear me out.

You know what’s really good at heating things up? Someone going down on you. Feel free to be a little selfish, and have your partner get on their knees and warm you up with their tongue and/or mouth. Hot (sorry) tip: Try this one in the shower.

If you’re feeling less into power play (and you're in a giving mood), take turns with this position. If you want to draw things out, it’s also an excellent foreplay position to lead to cozy (and horizontal) penetrative sex.
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Cowgirl, or cowboy, is my personal favorite sex position for winter, since it's a classic that's still edgy enough that you feel like you're stepping outside of your comfort zone. It's also a position that encourages touching, from caressing breasts to inserting a finger in the ass to making out.

To increase the warmth factor, the partner on top can lean in for added contact and sweat.
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Anal sex is an often misunderstood form of love making (yes, love making). From homophobic stereotypes to male gaze-oriented porn, society often presents anal as taboo, rough, and impersonal. Sure, anal sex can be rough and impersonal — if you want it to be (which is totally fine), but it can also provide some of the coziest and most romantic sex you've ever had.

Much of this lies in the preparation involved. Since the anus is not self-lubricating, to create a more enjoyable experience, foreplay is a necessity. Invest in lube (thicker lubricants, like Pjur Back Door Glide, work best for butt play). While fingers work wonders, to become an anal expert, try a butt plug with a flared base (and start small). Investing in a graduated set of butt plugs is also not a bad idea.

Then, when it's freezing outside, mark your calendar for an anal date night. Spend an hour on foreplay if you can — who wants to go outside in brutal weather anyway? After an hour of utilizing fingers, butt plugs, and lubes to prepare, enjoy the snug intimacy of anal sex. Pro tip: For receiving partners interested in clitoral stimulation for an extra powerful orgasm, hold a vibrator against your clit while your partner penetrates you anally with their penis or dildo.
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Side by Side

This position is pleasantly self-explanatory: Lie down in bed next to your partner, embrace, and proceed to get it on. With full bodies pressed against one another, there's really no better way to warm up. The receiving partner can lift up a leg so that both partners can get even closer (and warmer). It's also a fabulous position to transition into spooning sex, which creates the same heat-generating body contact without the eye contact, and allows for clitoral stimulation.
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Straight out of the Kama Sutra (which might account for the confusing name), this position proves that orgasmic, loving, and steamy sex doesn't require penetration. Hand jobs and finger banging aren't simply for high schoolers — they're totally hot (and they're my favorite form of foreplay).

During winter, try creating a cozy cocoon of blankets and pillows, and then have the receiving partner sit on the giving partner's lap while facing forward. The giving partner can then explore digital penetration and clitoral or penis simulation, communicating with their partner throughout to learn what they enjoy best. If you want to take this position beyond hands, have the giving parter add a vibrator, such as the Minna Limon (this little pink egg has given me some of the best orgasms or my life).
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Your Favorite

When you've got the winter blues, sometimes all you need is the comfort of the familiar, rather than trying something new. If you and your partner have a tried and true position, you can't go wrong with that. After all, when it comes to your sex life, you're the boss.

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