This Melania Trump Clip Is Equal Parts Awkward & Sad

The presidential inauguration blessed us with many amazing, hilarious memes. But now, a clip featuring first lady Melania Trump is going viral — and it's definitely not the type of meme we would expect. A video of the inauguration shows FLOTUS smiling at her husband during the swearing-in ceremony. But as soon as President Trump turns his back, the first lady's face falls. And it's a sad, cringe-inducing sight. The post can be traced back to Twitter user @Marv_Vien, who shared it earlier today with no commentary.
Some people quickly pointed out that the video could have been reversed or otherwise doctored. But that was not the case; the clip is very much real. Fast-forward to two hours and 51 minutes in the video below and see it for yourself.
The video prompted social media users to keep sharing content where the first lady looks unhappy, calling her "Sad Melania." (Which follows the ongoing narrative that she's somehow trapped in her marriage.) However, others pointed out that the new FLOTUS calls her own shots — no need to pretend otherwise. In the end, whatever your takeaway after seeing the clip, one thing's for sure: It's time we admit those #FreeMelania posts are not funny. Read These Stories Next:

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