You’ve Never Seen Ryan Gosling Like This Before

Hey girl, if you think that you'd fall for Ryan Gosling no matter what, stay away from Berlin. Far away. No, there's not some sort of Notebook uprising in Germany, but the city is now home to the creepiest Gosling lookalike you'll ever lay your eyes on. E! News reports that Madame Tussauds' Berlin location just unveiled its Ryan Gosling likeness — and it's just. Not. Okay.
Photo: Tristar Media / Contributor.
While the figure's outfit and hair are pretty spot-on, we can't say that anything else is exactly accurate. Why are his arms so shiny? Where's that quiet confidence? Why does his facial hair veer more toward creepy than suave? While yes, those baby blues look as dreamy as the real thing (if not a little vacant), not much about that face says Gosling. It's a touch too gaunt to be the Gos. With his bedroom eyes, sleepy smile, and abundant charm, you think it'd be humanly impossible to recreate Gosling in wax. But it's not: Madame Tussauds' London location captured that signature Gosling je ne sais quoi pretty well.

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