Beyoncé Provides Elusive Quote To Her Mom's NY Times Profile

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty.
Their musical and personal styles can sometimes feel worlds apart, but when it comes to their core values, Beyoncé and Solange are two peas in a pod. They both credit the same source of inspiration for this connection: Tina Lawson. Baddie Bey, and Solo are so passionate about their mom that they each spared a limited edition media quote to the New York Times when the publication profiled her last week.

A profile in NYT is no small feat for the retired matriarch of the Knowles family. But Mother of the Best Living Performer & Most Creative Songstress is not the only hat that Mama Tina has worn throughout the years. She’s a fashion designer, a hair stylist, an art collector, philanthropist, and Instagram aficionado. Beyoncé and Solange are as lucky to have her as a mom as she is to have them as daughters.

Beyoncé told NYT via email (probably from an underground studio where she’s masterfully concocting a project we won’t get until 2021) that her mother “has always been invested in making women feel beautiful.” She also knew that her mother’s extensive art collection served a bigger purpose than sprucing up her childhood home. “I think it was important to my mother to surround us with positive, powerful, strong images of African and African-American art so that we could reflect and see ourselves in them.”

This is a stance that Miss Tina elaborated on during an Interlude on Solange’s chart-topping album, A Seat At The Table, where she waxed poetic about the beauty in Blackness. The younger Knowles sister said that her mom captured something in that interlude that she had been trying to articulate for years. She told NYT, “If my sister and my project feels like an ‘awakening’ to some, I am constantly saying that we both grew up in a home with two words: Tina Knowles.”

Can you say #momgoals?


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