Stacey Dash Got The Boot From Fox News & Twitter Is Psyched

Photo: Dave Allocca/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock.
Pictured: Dash in 2014.
Anyone who has ever been outraged by Clueless-star-turned-GOP-pundit Stacey Dash's controversial comments was no doubt keenly interested to learn that her contract at Fox News has not been renewed. A representative for the network confirmed the parting of ways to The Hollywood Reporter over the weekend, pointing out that Dash has not appeared on Fox News since September. Dash has yet to comment on the matter, but continues to identify herself as a Fox News "contributor" in her Twitter bio. Because Schadenfreude apparently just isn't as satisfying unless it's coupled with some gloat-y tweets, Twitter has been having a field day with this news. Dee hasn't been this insulted since Murray accused her of having a cheap weave.
Many of the Twitter reactions suggest that Dash's contract wasn't renewed because Fox News wasn't looking to represent Black voices after in a post-Obama political climate. For what it's worth, that theory is at odds with the network's employment of analysts like Juan Williams, who is a Black man of Panamanian descent. Nonetheless, Dash's criticism of the Black community has many people seeing her new unemployment status as some sort of karmic retribution. Behold, some of the most brutal tweets aimed her way.
No doubt, a scathing blog post penned by Dash is being drafted as we speak. But remember: Being divisive and prone to offensive comments never really stopped anyone from getting a job. Just ask Piers Morgan.

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