Here’s How You & Your S.O. Could Live On A Beautiful Island For Free

The "if you were stranded on an island" game just suddenly became very real. The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service is offering a free four-bedroom house on Maatsuyker Island to a couple caretakers willing to put themselves in that exact situation, The Telegraph reports. All that the people who snag the job have to do is maintain the grounds, water the plants, and record the weather. It won't exactly be your typical island getaway, though. It lasts for six months — March to September or September to March — and you can only leave via helicopter in an emergency. Plus, while you're there, you have no Internet access (the horror).
So, this could be either the ultimate couples' retreat or the ultimate test of your relationship. If that's something you're looking for, you should apply online by January 30. And if that's not quite for you, no worries — check out these other islands you can inhabit without literally being stranded.

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