Niall Horan's Anniversary Tweet Reminds Us How We've Changed

Niall Horan noted an anniversary many of us didn't know existed today on Twitter. According to him, today is the seven-year anniversary of his application to join The X Factor. That, of course, is the show that spawned One Direction.
Back then, Horan was just 16. He's 23 now, and has become one of the most famous musicians in the world. We were just entering Barack Obama's first term in office. Nigel Farage was not a European Union-busting international figure. And Donald Trump was still just touting lies about Obama's birth certificate. Our major worries were about Sarah Palin and John McCain, not Trump and Mike Pence.

As a thought exercise, here are some words or phrases that didn't have any meaning when Niall Horan was applying for The X Factor.

Bernie Bros.
Social Justice Warrior.
Bathroom laws.
Presdent elect Donald Trump.

We're sure the next seven years are going to be super fun.

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