The Office Helps Woman Convince Tinder Dude She Farms Beets

Online dating is a bottomless hell-pit that has offers all the drawbacks of traditional bar conversation, but places them in the palm of your hand and offers men the veneer of anonymity. Ever wondered what it would be like if the weird creep staring at you from across the room had access to your cell phone and faced no consequences for acting crazy? Well, try Tinder. So it's always refreshing to see someone turn the tables and march to the beet beat of her own drummer. Caroline, a college freshman, used quotes from The Office to convince a Tinder match that she owned a small but successful beet farm. Well, is 60 acres small for a beet farm? We don't really know. And the best part is that the guy seemed more or less supportive of her untraditional career choice. “Most people think it’s hilarious,” Caroline told BuzzFeed. “The majority of the responses are definitely positive. A few people have said that it was mean of me to continue with the conversation when he was trying to be nice and make conversation, but it was all in good fun and no one’s feelings were hurt.” Caroline employed the little-used Bruno method of trolling. That's when you exploit someone's politesse to get them to agree that increasingly crazy things are normal. It's good, you should try it. And, if you're wondering, she told BuzzFeed that she later fessed up to her beet deception and the guy was cool with it. Check out her viral encounter below.

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