Lingo With Lyric Tackles “Post-Racial”

Do you know what post-race means? If you don’t, you’re not alone. It basically means that race, and by extension racism, no longer exist as social issues. In the very first episode of our new web series, Lingo with Lyric, our awesome host Lyric McHenry asks New Yorkers about the term, and more than a few of them are stumped. This makes sense, since we’re so far away from a post-race or post-racial society. Our president-elect was formally endorsed by the KKK. The KKK still exists. We’re definitely not post-race. To further break down the term, Lyric asks her old roommate Rob Franklin and activist Jamia Wilson to talk about what the word actually means. Their conversation is a necessary intervention on the differences among us, what we should do about them, and how we can reimagine a world that doesn't involve us embracing post-race, but rather a society that is “post-racist” as Lyric so elegantly put it. Racial differences should be acknowledged and celebrated, but not used as the basis to marginalize others. Watch, learn, and have these conversations with your own crews.

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