Kim Kardashian Might Be Getting Her Own Snapple Flavor & Wait Until You Hear Its Name

Could we soon be drinking Kim Kardashian-inspired Snapple? Based on a video recently posted to her Snapchat, we might. In it, she opens a fridge to reveal a bunch of Snapple bottles, and one is different from the rest. "Do you guys see something special?" she asks. Then she zooms in on her signature flavor. There's a Kimoji on it, and it's got the best name: "Kim's Peach RoyalTEA."
It looks like it's a peach-flavored diet Snapple, a variety she's already professed her love for, Cosmopolitan points out.
It's not clear if Kim has her own flavor or just her own packaging on an already existing one. We also don't know if this'll be sold or if it's just for her, but if it's the latter, Snapple's missing a major business opportunity.

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