Steve Harvey’s Racist Rant Against Asian Men Is Disturbing

Photo: Picture Perfect/REX/Shutterstock.
Steve Harvey, whose name cannot be said without the instant recall of his Miss Universe flub, is again making headlines for saying something that is completely false. The 59-year-old recently went on a racist tirade implying that Asian men are universally unattractive, which is A. absolutely untrue, B. incredibly offensive, and C. ironic considering he will be hosting the next Miss Universe in the Philippines (a beautiful country in Asia, a fact Harvey might be unaware of). It all started on The Steve Harvey Show when the outspoken host started making fun of dating self-help books, as Fusion pointed out after seeing a clip of the show posted on the Angry Asian Man blog. He pulls up the cover image of one book he found, titled How To Date A White Woman: A Practical Guide For Asian Men. He immediately starts laughing and rhetorically asks the audience, "Excuse me, do you like Asian men?" to which he immediately answers, "No, thank you," as if that is the end-all be-all answer. The idea of liking Asian men is so hysterical to him that he can't stop making fun of the idea. "You like Asian men?" he says again. "I don’t even like Chinese food. It don’t stay with you no time… I don’t eat what I can’t pronounce." The bit then ends, and he continues on with other hapless charades. It's really incredible to see Harvey so confidentially deem "Asian men" as unattractive and undateable, and then to go on to compare them to Chinese food.
It's disgusting, and Twitter is starting to take notice of his offensive language. Even if he apologizes, there’s clearly a long way to go before Harvey gets a clue.

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