Chris Brown & Soulja Boy’s Fight Over Karrueche Is An Embarrassing Tragedy

Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty.
Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are serious about taking their petty beef to the boxing ring. Both artists have teamed up with professional boxers who share their reputation of being horrible to women, Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson, in order to train for the event. There are even rumors about the boxing match being televised. Breezy and Soulja have managed to turn their disagreement into a social media circus act, leaving many folks to question if it’s real or for “Likes.” But whether or not this is a publicity stunt is irrelevant to the person who is caught in crossfire of this debacle, Karrueche Tran. After being the worst boyfriend ever, Brown placed the straw that broke proverbial camel’s back in his and Karrueche’s relationship when he fathered another kid behind her back. She broke up with him and since then, he’s been documented stalking her at events and online. Being trash in the relationship just wasn’t enough for him. Brown’s sense of entitlement over Karrueche is toxic and problematic. One month he’s posting “still want it” on her Instagram, and the next week he’s telling her to be grateful that the unsolicited comment generated some press for her. When Soulja Boy placed some heart-eye emojis under her IG picture, Brown felt as though his “territory” had been infringed upon. These two fuckboys have been bickering ever since. In the midst of trying to prove themselves to be tougher than the other, they’ve ignored the fact that Karrueche is a human being trying to move on from a horrible relationship. That poor girl deserves a break.

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