The Story Behind Sylvester Stallone’s Golden Globes Drama

Photo: REX/Shutterstock.
While his daughters were presenting awards to Golden Globe winners, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin, his wife, stood backstage by the green room, watching the show from the sidelines. That seems like an odd place to spend the duration of a four-hour event. So odd in fact, that it has made many speculate how the father of the Miss Golden Globes ended up there. According to sources who spoke to People, Stallone and Flavin were assigned to sit at a table alongside the Manchester by the Sea guys including star Casey Affleck, producer Matt Damon, and writer-director, Kenneth Longergan. However, upon arriving at the table, there was only one seat available, and Affleck and company made no immediate efforts to accommodate the need for another spot. "There weren’t enough seats and so there was confusion, but it wasn’t personal against him," a source told the site. Another added that while there was "confusion" over the mess up, there was no beef between Stallone and the men at the table, but rather he and his wife willfully retreated to the area behind the stage as they also got to be closer to his daughters. Of the seating drama, a rep for Stallone told the site: "The story you refer to is an interesting rumor – but a rumor nonetheless. Sylvester Stallone had a wonderful evening attending and presenting at the Golden Globes and celebrating with his family and friends." Perhaps he just preferred to not sit with Affleck's beard.

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