Tom Hiddleston Apologizes For His Weird Golden Globes Speech

Ok, picture this. You're Tom Hiddleston. You have a legitimately touching anecdote about a piece of art that you created bringing comfort to people in times of abject terror. You've just been handed an award for that piece of art. We're guessing you'd try to relay that anecdote during your acceptance speech. The only problem is, you're at the Golden Globes. There is a lot of drinking at the Golden Globes. Your voice is a little unsteady and you're trying to convey how you were touched by people who told you how your art helped them get through a bombing. Seems perfectly well-intentioned. The only problem is, this is what comes out when you try to execute.
That is, uh, really not good. Even given the benefit of the doubt, Hiddleston comes across as tone-deaf, braggy, and un-self-aware. His radar should have gone off when he realized that he was a white British guy talking about how he had brought solace to war-torn south Sudan. That's a little bit like setting a barn on fire then congratulating yourself for bringing a thimbleful of water. The speech went off like a fart in a spacesuit. Thankfully, Hiddleston had a bit of time for reflection and decided that he sounded like a complete asshole. So he apologized. That's the right thing to do. Own it, say you're sorry, and move on. Here's his statement, which correctly states that his wording was bad and his heart was in the right place.

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