We Found The Youngest Pope & He Looks Just Like Jude Law

Everyone is obsessed with The Young Pope, and it hasn't even premiered yet. The new HBO series (which premiered back in October in Europe) stars Jude Law as, yes, the pope. He plays Pope Pius XIII, the youngest the Catholic Church has ever elected. He's a controversial, narcissistic, chain-smoking man sitting, proudly, in the highest position of an old church in a new world. It's weird and brilliant. But did you know that there's an even younger pope? Perhaps the youngest pope? Meet Rafferty Law, Jude's 20-year-old son. (And also his doppelgänger.)


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He's a model-slash-DJ who also, with a feed of selfies, is also quite controversial, narcissistic, and not averse to cigarettes, much like his father's character. Sometimes life truly does imitate art. And, according to Town & Country's round-up of the "Top 50 Bachelors of 2017," he is one of the most eligible, along with his 44-year-old father who shows up three slides later.


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Behold: The Youngest Pope.


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