People Are Going To Extremes For A Better Nose

Going under the knife for a nose job is serious business. There are costs, recovery time... pain. And of course, there's that other dreaded word: commitment. Even in a best case scenario, with the best doctor money can buy, you still just might not be satisfied. Which might be why, according to Marie Claire, people are even remotely considering jamming a piece of PVC pipe up their nose in the hopes of a more sculpted look. According to the subject in the below video — and anyone with eyes — it's not a comfy process. But to be fair, neither is IRL surgery. You don't need a doctor to tell you that they wouldn't recommend pushing foreign objects high into your sensitive nose cavity, an area that many have dubbed the "triangle of death." If you want a more sculpted nose without going under the knife? Might we direct you to some contouring cream and a flat brush?

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