This Toy Company Just Made A Mini SoulCycle For Toddlers

Photo: Courtesy of Fisher-Price.
Thanks to contemporary technology, one of the primary issues of being a modern parent is trying to decide just how much time your child should be spending in front of a screen as opposed to being active. In an effort to find a solution and bring you the best of both worlds, toy company Fisher-Price has created what is essentially a tiny SoulCycle bike for toddlers. According to Gizmodo, Fisher-Price will soon be releasing the "Think & Learn Smart Cycle," a mini exercise bike for toddlers — complete with a tablet holder, so that your child may play video games and get fit. As Gizmodo reports, the bike was designed to combat childhood obesity by getting kids to move around when all they want to do is play with a touchscreen iPad. While we certainly won't slam anyone for trying to get their kids to be a little more active, a contraption designed specifically to get a 3-year-old to improve their physical fitness feels rather…excessive. Sure, the bike presents an option for your kid to have fun even while indoors, but it also risks putting the focus on a child's weight rather than their overall health. After all, the way that a parent discusses or approaches the topic of weight can have a huge impact on their child's body image — which is why the American Academy of Pediatrics went so far as to write guidelines for parents to use when talking about weight with their children. For what it's worth, the bike looks to be an update on the original Fisher-Price Smart Cycle, which apparently only hooked up to a TV screen and not to a tablet. Gizmodo reports that the new Think & Learn Cycle will set parents back $150, which seems a little extravagant for something your child will likely outgrow in the blink of an eye. Again, wanting your child to get a bit more active isn't a bad thing — but buying a tiny SoulCycle machine and essentially creating a mini indoor gym in your house might not send the best message for your kid's body image.

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