The World's First Smart Brush Is About To Give You Really, Really Good Hair

Courtesy of brand.
Think back to 15 years ago. Before we could power-wash our face with a cleansing device, zap away zits with a Star Wars-looking LED mask, and hydrate our skin with spa-worthy steamers, we were forced to (gasp) do everything by hand. Now, if you have a beauty concern — whether it's related to your skin, teeth, or hair — you can bet there's a gadget out there to fix it. And yet, we've still never seen anything like the latest innovation from L'Oréal Research, which comes in the form of a hair brush.

Smartphones, Fitbits, Amazon Echo devices — those all makes sense. A smart hairbrush, however, seems unnecessary, we know. But hear us out. It's called the Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings, and — given that it was this year's winner of the International CES Innovation Award — it's going to be damn cool.

Here's how it works: The tool is loaded with micro sensors that send analysis algorithms to a dedicated app on your phone every time you brush. It picks up on noise (which can determine hair dryness, frizz, split ends), how forcefully you're combing, and even has a system that counts your brush strokes. That information then gets sent to the app — which also measures your location's humidity, temperature, and wind levels — and based on your hair quality, offers up customized styling and treatment tips, as well as product suggestions.

"[This technology] answers a very strong desire from consumers to know more about their hair and the best way to care for it," says Vincent Nida, the general manager for Kérastase. "By providing a daily measurement of hair health and matching personalized advice, we are bringing new insights to [their] homes for a better hair care experience."

Though there's no exact launch date, a rep for the brand tells us we can expect it to hit Kérastase hair salons and the website in mid-2017. To note: The app only recommends Kérastase-specific products (it is the brand's innovation, after all). And at $200, it won't come cheap, either. But still, if you factor up the cost of countless failed hair appointments, salon treatments, and the fact that you could very well be choosing the wrong products for your hair type, it's nice to know there's a product out there that'll do the hard part of figuring out your regimen for you.

Now if only we could get it to braid our hair in the morning, too.

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