This Under-$10 Hair Mask Is Different From Anything You’ve Tried

Water is water, right? As anyone who hates the taste of H20 from the tap will tell you, not all water is created equal. In fact, common additives can have a major impact on more than your palate — it can impact your 'do, from color and volume, all the way to long-term hair health. Generally speaking, the less stuff in your H20, like minerals or chlorine, the better. A new hair-care brand, however, is taking it one step further.
Exclusive to Ulta, Maui Moisture has replaced water with aloe vera juice on its ingredient label. But could it really be the secret to more-manageable strands? And is it actually better than filtered water as the top ingredient? We sought to find out.
"Aloe vera is a botanical treatment with inherently hydrating properties," Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital told us. "The majority of the benefits come from the pulp of the plant, however the juice is usually made from the green, outer leaf." Sounds promising, right? Kind of: "There is little data on the use of the leaves or aloe juice for hair and skin, however it is rich in vitamins and may help soothe an inflamed scalp to promote healthy hair growth."
But there's more: Maui Moisture products also contain strengthening and hydrating ingredients such as coconut and neem oil, bamboo fibers, and honey — with no sulfates or parabens. Plus, it features six product collections, each targeting various hair types, and every offering is under $10.
The moral of the story? The brand just may be onto something huge. Check out the diverse assortment in the following slides, and prepare to think of aloe vera juice in a new light...

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