Here’s Your Tarot Card Reading For 2017

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Now that the ball has dropped and 2016 has officially come to a close, many people are alternating between relief to see this year end and apprehension about what 2017 might bring.
But one thing is for sure: A lot will change this year. After all, we’ve got a new president coming into office, and he has a different agenda than the one who is leaving. How that will work out remains to be seen.
Thankfully, we can get a glimpse of what this year might bring — and how to make the most out of this uncertain time — by consulting the tarot. To start, you need to figure out the general theme for 2017. You can find that by adding up the numbers in the year itself (2+0+1+7). The result is 10. Ten corresponds to the Wheel of Fortune, which means that 2017 will be governed by the Wheel.
Read ahead to find out what that entails, and what else the tarot has to say about 2017.
(And if you're in the market for a tarot deck to start off your year, here are some great options.)

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