Eva Amurri Martino Addresses Her Guilt After An Accident Fractured Her Baby’s Skull

Eva Amurri Martino and her family are still reeling after a frightening incident with the night nurse they hired to care for their infant son. The actress recounted the terrifying tale in a blog post shared with fans on New Year's Day, revealing that back in November her son Major had fractured his skull. The nurse, who was not named, fell asleep while holding Major, who then slipped out of her arms. His head hit the floor, cracking his skull and causing bleeding on his brain. Eva said she and her husband were awoken shortly after by the panicked nurse. Major was rushed to the hospital and was said to be on the mend. He's not expected to have any lasting damage from the fall. Although her son is on the mend, Eva was left with a tremendous amount of guilt. In her blog she wrote that she was feeling "overwhelmed" and struggling to move on from what happened. Eva shared an anecdote from Kyle, who once told her that fighting through difficult emotions can feel like trying to walk through quicksand. "The more your fight, the more it grabs you until eventually it pulls you under," she wrote.
Rather than continue to fight in silence, Eva decided to try talking about it in the hopes that it would help her move on and resonate with other moms. She explained that the accident felt like a major trauma for her and the rest of her family, calling is "sudden, and so scary."

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