This Lizzie McGuire Star Shares The Most Nostalgia-Inducing Throwback Photos On Instagram

Is there a show as iconic as Lizzie Mcguire? The Disney sitcom from the '00s was uniquely fashion-forward and female-focused. (Say that five times fast.) And somehow, it's still so relevant to our twentysomething lives, which is why it's so damn satisfying to look at throwback photos of the show. Fortunately, it seems the internet is always happy to provide such images. Glamour Magazine's Christopher Rosa discovered that Lalaine (who goes by just her first name), 29, the actress who gave us Miranda, routinely posts the best vintage photos of the show for throwback Thursday.

"Since I just moved I've uncovered many of👆#ThrowBacks," she wrote in the caption of one such photo. It's a picture of an actual printed photo — remember those things? In it, Hilary Duff, Lalaine, and Adam Lamberg stand in front of school lockers. Lalaine wears a plaid newsboy cap, one of the show's favorite wardrobe staples.

And there's more. Lalaine's Insta features school dance flashbacks, kitchen hangs, and a few well-timed screenshots. This gal knows how to scratch that nostalgia itch. Check out the best of Lalaine's throwbacks, below.

Since I just moved I've uncovered many of👆#ThrowBacks

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#FlashBackFriday 🤘✌️

A photo posted by Lalaine Vergara (@thelalaine) on

A deep throwback. #SchoolDance #KateLizzieAndMirandaWereFriends?

A photo posted by Lalaine Vergara (@thelalaine) on

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