Taco Bell Is Testing Something Completely Unexpected

Taco Bell has had quite the year — bringing us Airheads Mystery Freezes, Cantina restaurants and branded merchandise, Cheetos burritos, quesadillas, and now fries?! Admittedly, the unveiling of the Mexican chain's new menu item gives us pause because French fries typically show up where there are hamburgers. But who are we to judge unexpected and over-the-top food fusions? 2016 was certainly all about them and there's still a some time left to squeeze in one more. Taco Bell's fries have already been available outside of the U.S. in select countries — but now, according to Brand Eating, they've been brought stateside. A location in Irvine, CA, is currently testing out the new menu item. The fries can be purchased alone with a simple habanero-like seasoning or as the "loaded" version, complete with classic TB nacho fixings. We can only hope that other Taco Bells across the country will be getting on board with the cool Cali mindset soon. Because, tbh, nacho-fries are sounding better and better by the second.

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