Watching Teeny-Tiny McDonald’s Being Made Is Better Than Eating It

When I think back to being a kid, a whole smorgasbord of magical things come to mind. To name a few: watching the Power Rangers on a Sunday morning, trifling with helpless Sims until the wee hours of the night, and that rare occurrence when my parents would take me to Micky D's and buy me a Happy Meal. A little MacDonald's can always take me back to a time where toys and French fries ruled (and Dippin' Dots outranked a doughnut ice cream sandwich any day). So when Hello Giggles happened upon Wendy Mini City's newest Instagram creation, I flipped (and proceeded to watch it several dozen times).

Mini @mcdonalds #happymeal ??#wendymincity #minicooking #mcdonalds #cheeseburger #fries ?: link in bio

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Here you have it: A mini McDonald's meal made in a mini kitchen with mini kitchen utensils. How, where, and why was this tiniest of nostalgia meals made? We don't know — and frankly we don't care. The culinary precision put into each micro fry, small assemblage of the cheeseburger, and even the wee-little cup of soda is more than admirable — it's genius. We're calling it the happiest of Happy Meals: an extra tiny toy and food in one. We may even venture to say that watching this mini meal be made is even better than eating the super-sized real deal.

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