Nick Viall’s Reason For Revealing He Had Sex With Andi Dorfman Is Still Terrible

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Nick Viall may be the new Bachelor, but it would be totally understandable if you wanted to pass up a rose from this reality star. In a new interview with People, the two-time Bachelorette contestant (and one time Bachelor In Paradise love-seeker) reveals the belief system that caused him to reveal that he had sex with Andi Dorfman in the Fantasy Suite. Unfortunately, it doesn't make his actions any less icky. Viall was the runner-up on The Bachelorette season 10 when Dorfman was dishing out the roses. On the "After the Final Rose" special, Viall — apparently so devastated after Dorfman accepted Josh Murray's proposal — revealed that he and the Bachelorette had sex in the Fantasy Suite. With sad puppy dog eyes, Viall told the newly-engaged Dorfman: "Knowing how in love with you I was, if you weren't in love with me, I'm just not sure why you made love with me," he said. Dorfman, was, obviously, not too pleased with Viall's gross reveal on national television. "Well, first of all, I think that's below the belt," said the Bachelorette. "I think some things are private and should be kept private." Not for Viall! Though he did tell New York magazine in 2015 that he regretted the comments because "Andi got a lot of flak," he also believed that "acknowledging that we had sex... was a great thing" because it encouraged "sex-positivity" for women. Now, he's claiming something else: that honesty was just so important to him he couldn't possibly have kept intimate details of his love life on the down low. As Viall tells People: “I’m a big believer in transparency in any type of a relationship and in life,” he says of his relationships both past and present. Of his time as the Bachelor, the "fourth time's the charm" reality star told People that his commitment to honesty wouldn't falter. “When you’re going to consider spending the rest of your life with someone, you need to have some pretty transparent conversations,” Vaill says. “If you’re taking it seriously you have to be willing to have those conversations and be open about it. You can’t have a watered-down version of the real world, especially if you’re considering proposing.” Honesty is great... just not on national television, where your words have the power to embarrass someone. Given that Viall is dating on national television yet again beginning January 2, he might want to keep his penchant for honesty in the places the cameras can't catch him. The women of the world shouldn't forgive him for another Dorfman-like situation and this time around, Viall may want to watch his mouth.

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