No News Here: Nick Viall Makes A Contestant Cry On The Bachelor

Photo: Sam Deitch/
For the first few episodes, producers of The Bachelor rely solely on the concept of "getting time" to create drama. There are max 30 girls and one guy — not everyone is going to get a chance to tête-a-tête. The result: girls repeatedly ask, "Can I steal him for a minute?" Usually the Bachelor assents, and we're captive on a carousel of life. (Saturday Night Live spoofed this last year. It was brilliant.) But in a clip shared by Us Weekly from the season 21 premiere, Bachelor Nick Viall refuses to go with contestant Jasmine, a basketball dancer from San Francisco.

"Come with me," Jasmine tells Viall in the clip. He's nestled on a couch, talking with a different potential future wife.

He groans and — gasp! — refuses. "She actually asked first," he says.

Cut to: Jasmine pacing near the pool, muttering to herself, "It doesn't matter. It's out of my control. There's nothing I can do." It's a valiant pep talk, but it doesn't work. Shortly after, we have our first glimpse of season 21 tears. Jasmine, through watery eyes, says in a confessional that she's not aggressive enough.

"I think I'm trying to be too nice and maybe that's my problem?" she wonders at the camera. Later, she's surrounded by fellow contestants, still crying. Another contestant half-heartedly tells Jasmine, "Don't cry." Sweet.

This is sure to be the first of many weepy confessions on the season. As we said, the reality show leans on weeping and wailing — what reality television doesn't? A promo for the show promises waterworks from Viall himself.

Below, watch the clip of the season's first emotional breakdown.

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