This $1 Brush Cleanser Is A Complete Game-Changer

We’ve always looked in awe at the pure indulgence of the 1% — like the socialites who won't wear the same dress twice, or rappers who retire a pair of Air Jordans after a single use. As beauty junkies, we’ve dreamt of doing the same thing with our makeup brushes. Sure, the idea has its flaws (for starters, it’s not exactly environmentally friendly). But our inner lazy girls love the thought of never washing a foundation, eyeshadow, or concealer brush again. Now, there's a new gadget that might change your POV: the AOA Brush Cleaning Egg. The silicone tool is made to be slipped over your index and middle fingers, like a puppet, and has ridged nubs that work up a better lather between the bristles and soap than your hands would. After just a few minutes, brushes are completely clean and can be laid flat to dry. As Allure pointed out, blogger Kathleen Lights is a fan — and we can see why. The egg-shaped cleanser doesn’t take up valuable real estate in the bathroom, though we're sure its pretty color would brighten up any space. But here's the best part: It only costs a buck. It's so cheap that no one would judge you if you tossed it after one use...though we can almost guarantee this is something you won't mind using again and again.

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