Step Up Actress Tricia McCauley Found Dead In Tragic Turn Of Events

Tricia McCauley, actress and yoga instructor, was found dead in her car on early Tuesday morning, reports CBS affiliate WUSA-TV.

Washington D.C. resident McCauley, 46, was last heard from at 1 p.m. on Christmas day, reports WUSA-TV. According to family and friends, McCauley had planned to attend a holiday dinner and then catch a flight to visit family, but concern grew when she did neither. On Tuesday, police confirmed that her body was found in her car in front of a CVS on M Street.

According to CBS News, interim D.C. police chief Peter Newsham said they have a suspect in the case, whom they released a surveillance photo of but did not attach a name. According to reports, the suspect allegedly robbed a CVS and assaulted employees, seemingly while McCauley was missing. The police believe that this man may have been driving McCauley's car prior to the robbery. Newsham did not indicate what the suspect is being charged with.

Newsham states that the police are now seeking the public's help in creating a timeline for the events surrounding McCauley's death.

According to People, McCauley worked as a stand-in for Jenna Dewan Tatum on the 2006 dance movie Step Up. She also appeared in multiple short films and D.C. stage productions.

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