The Big, The Bad, & The Ugly Cry: All The Bachelor Scandals From The Show’s History

Illustrated by Isabella Dimarzio.
The Bachelor is a scandalous show by default. It’s all about the search for love, and if history — or, for that matter, literature, movies, podcasts, and your nosy neighbor — has anything to teach us, it’s that romance often begets scandal. Add to that a camera crew, expert TV producers, and a few cocktails, and you get more than just scandal. You get good television. Q.E.D., The Bachelor is inherently salacious.
Over the 21 seasons, though, there are certain incidents that rise about your standard reality TV fare. These events weren’t your average cat fight. In fact, the glory of the most talked-about moments in Bachelor history is that they manage to escape the confines of the show’s premise. Real life puts its non-pedicured foot in the show’s mouth — producers get involved, contestants break the fifth wall, or real tragedy strikes.
Ahead, find the most gasp-inducing stories from the history of The Bachelor, some of them hilarious, others not so funny, and all of them 100% fascinating.

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