This Guy’s Viral Twitter Video Puts Body Lotion In a Whole New Light

This story was originally published on December 23, 2016. It’s a question we've wondered for years: What’s the difference between men’s body lotion and women’s body lotion? The off-the-record answer from dermatologists we've asked is that most of the time, it’s simply the packaging. This week, a Richmond, Virginia rapper who goes by Litty Kitty — and whose Twitter tagline is “Beyoncé said pretty hurts, so I’m always in pain” — took to the social media site to wittily shed light on that glaring fact. In the video, you can see him perusing the skin care aisle of a drugstore, comparing brand after brand of his-and-her lotions. After panning the camera to those made for women — which, as he noted, are typically housed in lighter or brighter colors, like green and orange — he quickly cuts to the ones formulated for men. “Get it for men, now in a darker color — cuz men don’t like light colors," he says. The side-by-side comparisons are clear across the board. And the reality must have also struck a chord for other people as well: Since the original tweet, it has garnered over 75,000 likes and 52,000 retweets. But there are some differences in men and women lotions beyond the bottle's color. For starters, most have separate fragrances and a few are, in fact, formulated differently as well. (Derms have said that some lotions for men are made to feel less silky in order to better jibe with body hair, for example.) But on the outside, Litty Kitty is right: The utilitarian packaging for men thing could use a little flair. Because in 2016, it’s not just the girls who want to have fun.

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