Matthew McConaughey Once Used A Fake Australian Accent To Get Women

It seems like everyone has their own Matthew McConaughey impression, but the actor once did one of his own. When McConaughey visited Late Night With Seth Meyers he admitted that for nearly a year he faked an Australian accent. The year after college McConaughey studied down under and when he came back to Texas to attend college he couldn't shake the accent.
No surprise to hear, the exotic twang helped his love life. When Meyers asked the actor if people were into his voice, McConaughey admitted with a chuckle, "The ladies kind of were, which was why I was doing it." But, as he pointed out, “There’s a lot of my fraternity brothers out there, going ‘you son of a bitch, you did fake that for a year.’” Unfortunately, he didn't revive his Aussie accent for his latest movie, Sing, where he plays a koala named Buster. He felt it would have been a little too "literal." We're alright, alright, alright with that. Especially since we'll always have this video of McConaughey making weird noises.

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