Tina Fey's Making A Movie Based On This Real-Life Santa Claus Couple

A story of a couple that acts as a real-life Santa Claus has touched the hearts of many, including none other than Tina Fey.

For years, Jim Glaub and Dylan Parker mistakenly got kids' letters to Santa, ABC reports. But they played along, enlisting others to help send the gifts through the Facebook page Miracle on 22nd Street, referencing the street in New York City where they lived.

Now, the couple lives in London, but people all over the world are helping answer hundreds of letters. Every kid who's written since 2010 has gotten what they wanted from "Santa."

Glaub and Parker revealed on Thursday's Good Morning America that Fey is creating a movie about the project. It's unclear when it'll come out or whether it's a documentary or fiction inspired by their story, but Glaub did say they were "working with Tina Fey."

There's already a short documentary from 2010 about Miracle on 22nd Street.

Glaub told People he hopes the film can provoke acts of kindness. "If this movie goes on a national level and becomes a classic — not that it could or will — but the fact that people could be inspired to help families out after see the movie will be a real win."

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