Traveling This Week? Leave That Face Mist in Your Checked Luggage

It’s a beauty habit we’ve done religiously for years: misting our faces mid-flight to prevent serious skin dryness while on a plane. But, as celebrity aesthetician Renée Rouleau points out, this moisturizing tactic may not be bringing the same benefits on a plane as it does on the ground. “Many people use skin mists while flying to retain skin’s moisture level. However, applying a skin mist during a flight will do quite the opposite,” Rouleau notes.
Think of it like this: moisture acts like a magnet, attracting other moisture wherever it can. “Because the air is so dry on an airplane, moisture is not present,” she notes. “So misting your skin will make the moisture within your skin evaporate out, leaving it tight, dry and dehydrated.” Shudder to think of all that prized Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist we’ve wasted mid-flight! So how the heck are we supposed to keep our skin from shriveling up and dying when up in the air? “I would recommend not using a spray but instead apply a few drops of a well-formulated skin oil to the face every hour of a flight," Rouleau says. "This will help keep moisture in the skin where it belongs.” She recommends her own Renée Rouleau Pro Remedy Oil or try one from this slideshow of editor-approved picks.
As for the bottles of mist we already have in our arsenal? They can still be put to plenty of good use when we’re not stuck in a moisture-deprived cabin. “A mist can calm, sooth, and hydrate the skin,” notes celebrity aesthetician Shani Darden, of on-land use. “Just like with the rest of your skincare routine, it’s important to ensure you choose a mist that’s suited for your skin type. Be sure to pay attention to ingredients — some essential oils can help calm your skin, while others can irritate it and cause breakouts.” The moral of the story: Mist on land, oil in air.

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