This Hair Trend Will Take Your Holiday Look To Ridiculous New Heights

So many of this season’s simple pleasures revolve around the Christmas tree. It's where those who celebrate Christmas string up lights and hang ornaments, sip hot cocoa and/or generously spiked eggnog, and unwrap gifts while delivering Oscar-worthy performances declaring how much they really, really love them. It just isn’t Christmas without it, because in many ways, the tree embodies the spirit of Christmas itself.

Or! You can embody the spirit of Christmas — and reestablish yourself as the coolest cousin — by hopping on board the Christmas-tree hair trend. As The Daily Mail explains, all you need to do is style your hair into an upside-down-cone shape, not unlike a Christmas tree, and cover it with ornaments. Now, you are the tree.
Because this is not your average topknot, you probably can’t exactly pull off that kind of vertiginous volume with a few bobby pins and some backcombing. For further instruction, The Mail defers to a video by What’s Trending that shows you how to achieve your best Tannenbaum topper by placing an empty water bottle or cone atop your head and sweeping your hair over it before securing with hairspray and elastics. Then, you can decorate it however you see fit. A candy cane, perhaps? A few small baubles? A tiny string of lights?
This trend may be far too ridiculous to become a legit candidate for your go-to holiday hairstyle, but it is a genius get-out-of-family-conflict-free card. Nobody will be able to have a serious conversation about politics with you when you have a Christmas tree on your head.

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