Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Why wait until January 1 to map out your resolutions? This Thursday, the annual new moon in Capricorn turns us all towards our grandest goals. Carve out a little time to write a wish list or even make a vision board if you prefer the power of pictures. Don't worry about how you'll pull this off just yet — just turn inwards and ask yourself what you want. This is a new moon, so it's just the starting point. You have until the corresponding full moon on July 9 to tend to those seeds and watch them grow into something amazing. Make sure you're dreaming big enough! Capricorn's ambitious energy wants us to challenge ourselves. With a practical plan and enough support, you'll amaze yourself with all that you are capable of accomplishing.
New Year's Eve comes with a wild cosmic combo pack this year. Energetic, agitating Mars will meet up with esoteric, escapist Neptune — and in the sign of "no limits" Pisces, at that. Go easy on the bottle service, because you could ring up quite a bill and wind up drinking way more than you planned to. Steer clear of triggering situations, because emotional drama could erupt — and even turn into a shoving match with warrior Mars in the mix. Dancing will be deeply therapeutic this NYE, whether you're cuing up Pandora and pushing back the living room furniture or splurging to see your favorite DJ spin a midnight set. On New Year's Day, the moon will flow into a thought-provoking trine (120-degree angle) with visionary Jupiter. Think outside the box with your early 2017 plans. Where would you like to travel? What would you love to learn? Ride the energetic wave of personal expansion on January 1 and pledge to make this a year of exciting growth!

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