This Ariana Grande & Stevie Wonder Animated Video Is Too Cute

Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder are collaborating — both with one another and with a slew of animated animals.

The "Side To Side" singer and the "Superstition" superstar teamed up for the song "Faith," a new track off of new animated flick Sing's soundtrack. Accompanying the new tune is an adorable music video featuring a slew of animals, first as chalk drawings, and then as the animated characters we'll see in the new film. As Grande dances with the outlines of these animals, Wonder plays the keys as only he can in an empty theater. Eventually, Grande joins him on the piano seat, as do their fully-realized animated friends.

The new video is A-plus, not only for the seamless way Grande's voice blends with Wonder's (who would have thought?) but for the starlet's latest take on the ponytail. A blonde top knot that shows off stylish roots? Love.
In addition to bringing Wonder and Grande together, Sing promises to place two things people love — in this case, cute animals and great music — on the same screen. The new movie follows a colorful cast of animals as they compete on an American Idol-style TV show and overcome their personal issues.

Check out the new movie in theaters this Christmas.

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