Jesse Plemons Sympathizes With Women In Hollywood — “Gee, This Sucks!”

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/REX/Shutterstock.
At this point, gaining weight (or losing it) for a role is a rite of passage for any well-regarded actor. Jesse Plemons, who packed on the pounds for his role in Black Mass, told GQ that the process isn't fun. According to the Friday Night Lights star, all the body-conscious hoopla made him more sympathetic to female actors. In an interview with the magazine, Plemons is asked: "You had to gain weight for Black Mass; then you had to talk in interviews about gaining weight for Black Mass. Which was worse?" Plemons laughs and replies that, yes, in general, talking about gaining weight was worse. "Yeah, talking about it, if anything, makes me a little more empathetic — sympathetic? — to what women have to go through. My god! Men in general are just not held under the same microscope in that way," he says. Plemons's revelation summarizes — gee, let me think — every situation in Hollywood and, while we're at it, most of the world. Men are just not held to the same standards. Congratulations, sir, on finally being able to understand the plight of women! Apparently, the press has the same interest in actor's weight loss. When our blonde-haired character actor lost the weight he'd just gained, people wanted to know his "secret." "And I had lost a little bit of weight at the Fargo premiere, and I remember this guy, like, 'What’s your secret to losing the weight? Tell us!'" Plemons recalled. And what's his hard-won trick to losing weight? The Hollywood know-how that gave him his trim figure? “I was like, 'Well, I was eating everything, and then I just stopped eating terrible food,'" he said. "It’s not too complicated."

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