People Working This Job Get $100K Holiday Bonuses

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
'Tis the season of giving, which means companies are starting to give out those much-anticipated holiday bonuses. If you just received your annual bonus and were left feeling like you deserved a bigger check, perhaps you should consider a career change. So which industries give out the big bucks at the end of each year? LinkedIn has the answer.

The career-oriented social networking website used data from its salary tool to find which jobs claim the biggest annual bonuses in 2016, and you'll be shocked by how much money some people are taking home every December. Investment banking associates topped the list with an annual bonus of $100,000. Keep in mind that's way more than many people make in an entire year. The next highest bonus earners are surgeons, who often make $60,000. If you spent your year saving lives, I suppose a bonus that size is pretty well-deserved. Right behind surgeon is another medical profession, radiologist. Folks working in radiology earn an average $47,000 bonus. Rounding out the top five are investment banking analysts with $45,000 and medical directors with $40,000. Clearly, it pays to work in the medical and investment banking industries.

Smack dap in the middle of the list are commercial directors, earning $35,000. Global marketing directors get $34,500, while senior portfolio managers receive $34,000. The top 10 list concludes with senior corporate counsels with $31,000 and equity research analysts with $30,000. According to LinkedIn, in the United States, the average annual bonus for professionals is $5,225. As you can see, even those who fall on the lower end of the biggest bonus list earn well above that, and our minds are completely boggled.

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