Richard Marx Right Here Waiting For Plane Hazard, Now & Forever

If you're ever in a fight, it apparently pays to have adult-contemporary singer-songwriter Richard Marx on your side. Marx saw something going on, so he took a stand and walked where no one else would dare to even try. It was the only way. If not for Marx's bravery, the crew would surely die.

The "Right Here Waiting" singer was right there waiting for a Korean Air flight 480 passenger to start some shit. When a man on the Hanoi to Seoul flight started attacking other passengers, creating a hazardous environment, the "Hazard" singer joined flight attendants in subduing him.

Afterwards, the "Now and Forever" singer had some shit to say about the training of the flight crew.
And, naturally, he posted pictures. Who knows how he had time to both kick ass and take pics. Maybe his companion provided the photography? It's kind of hard to say what's going on in any of them, but they are exciting.
Here is Richard Marx holding rope looking like a fucking executioner. Wow.
Here he is receiving congratulations.
Afterwards, he wanted to make it clear that he, Richard Marx, didn't think this was much of a big deal.
Are all adult-contempo artists secretly badass? Was that Dave Chappelle-Wayne Brady sketch non-fiction? Is Kenny G an international assassin? Actually, maybe.