Deer Breaks Into A Gold's Gym, Squeezes In A Surprisingly Impressive Workout

A gym in South Carolina had an unexpected visitor on Friday when patrons (and security footage) caught a deer crashing through the glass and frolicking around the space. The video shows the deer jump through the window, stumble, and then regain its footing enough to have a workout of its own.

Like in any good exercise, the deer begins with a warm up. It stretches in the lobby and practices jumping on the counter. Then, it makes its way into the weight room where it leaps right over a bench press and into another room where it gracefully hops over several more machines. Then, it's back to the lobby for a cool down, where local news reports that it left the same way it came in.

The gym shared the video on Facebook, and had some pretty funny things to say about the encounter. "He thought we said a buck could join but its a buck to join," one caption wrote. Another noted the festive timing of the incident, writing, "As he dashed out of sight we heard Merry Christmas to all!!"

Who knew Santa's reindeer worked out just like the rest of us? The next time people wonder how all the presents can get delivered in one night, we'll just point to this.


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