I Ate Like Macaulay Culkin In Home Alone & It Was The Best Weekend Of My Life

Back in the '90s, pretty much every kid in America wanted to be Kevin McCallister from the Home Alone series. Not only did he get to pull intricate pranks on two evil adults, he also got to stay in the Plaza Hotel and explore New York City without any rules holding him back.
I'm sorry to report that as an adult, though, many parts of those movies don't hold up. For instance, during a recent re-watch, I actually compared those same childish tricks Macaulay Culkin's character played on the robbers to something out of a Saw movie because they looked so disturbingly painful. Seriously, someone explain to me how you don't die after being hit in the face with a hot iron and then having four bricks fall on your head. Despite having a slightly more cynical grown-up view of these movies nowadays, there's one part that endured the test of time and still managed to thrill me all these years later: Kevin McAllister's eating abilities.
I'm telling you, this kid is a junk food connoisseur. I remember being envious of his massive ice cream sundaes as a kid, and as a 24-year-old, I am no less impressed. The difference is, now I make my own money and buy my own groceries, so I, too, can eat like a queen of confections.
This past weekend, I eagerly took on the task of copying the most iconic meals and snacks that Macaulay Culkin enjoyed throughout Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. I was left way fuller than I started, and my sweet tooth was more than satisfied. Click through to see how my culinary adventures measured up to the movie.

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