Kelly Clarkson Sneakily Helped A Fan Propose During A Concert

Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images
Kelly Clarkson is a body positivity warrior and an inspiring mother, and it probably won't surprise you that she's also somewhat of a matchmaker as well. Teen Vogue reports that the 34-year-old was performing at the Miracle on Broadway charity concert on Friday when she decided to help out super fan Kiana Clark propose to her girlfriend Amanda. However, not content with just any old proposal, Clarkson did it in the sneakiest way possible. The singer called up Kiana by pretending that she wanted the couple to sing with her — a prospect almost even more daunting than a proposal. But once the two women made it on stage, Kiana quickly got down to business. "I've followed Kelly around for 13 years on all her tour stops," she explained. "It was kind of my way of getting away and escaping." The first time she really found home, Kiana continued, was when she met Amanda. In fact, they literally own a home together. "There's no better way to propose than with the help of Miss Clarkson here," she said, pulling out the ring and getting down on one knee. Amanda was overcome with emotion, and of course said yes. The women (all coincidentally matching in red) exchanged hugs of joy before parting, but we know all three of them will never forget that night.

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