Watch A Hot Knife Melt Petroleum Jelly & Melt Your Stress Away

Seeking momentary mental bliss? Look no further than a hot knife and Vaseline. Anyone who's witnessed an EOS lip balm being sliced in half knows the bizarre satisfaction of watching objects liquefy under a frighteningly hot knife. In Watch It Melt's latest video, a more controversial moisturizer gets the third degree. In seconds, the searing knife slides through the petroleum jelly as if it were a cupcake. Don't worry about a goopy mess, though. Reverse footage un-melts the greasy jelly and zips the jar back up. No fuss, no muss — unless you don't heed Watch It Melt's warnings to not attempt hot-knife experiments at home. But if the YouTube channel turns up the heat against a favorite facial moisturizer next time, it can only mean one thing: This has all been a soothing PSA about protecting our skin against winter dryness.

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