All I Want For Christmas Is To Keep Watching Cruz Beckham's Music Video

There's certainly no dearth of happy-go-lucky Christmas pop — in fact, come the holidays, we're pretty much inundated with various celebrity-sung iterations of holiday classics. But you're going to need to make room in your heart for one more. Cruz Beckham, the tiniest of the demi-god U.K. family, released the music video for his song "If Everyday Was Christmas," and it's goddamn adorable.

It has everything you need: the angelic voice of a child, jingle bells, and all of the Beckham siblings. Yep, all of them. Brooklyn, Romeo, and even the cherubic lady Harper all make appearances. There's Harper chewing on her sleeve, there's Brooklyn wearing a newsboy cap, and Romeo, prone on a pile of leaves. Meanwhile, Cruz tries out his best Justin Bieber, crooning at the camera with a set of flippy bangs.

It's not clear yet whether Cruz Beckham wants to be the next Justin Bieber. This song appears to be a one-off project for the 11-year-old. According to E! News, all proceeds from the song go to Global's Make Some Noise, a charity that supports young people and children in the U.K. But for what it's worth, the little dude could definitely have a career in music. (The little dude is also 11, and therefore does not need to make any decisions regarding his career.)

Below, watch the only Christmas pop song you'll want to hear all year.

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