Is It Time To Stop Listening To "One Dance"?

Photo: Madison McGaw/
If you feel like you've heard Drake's "One Dance" a million times over the past year, it's because you actually have. According to a report from Spotify, the Canadian rapper's stand-out single off of Views has been played over 1 billion times. That is billion — with a b.

Aubrey Graham is the first artist to have a song reach that number. Pair that with his eight Grammy nominations, and we might as well go ahead and deem 2016 The Year of Drake.

Even though "One Dance" is undoubtedly his most recognizable track of the year, Drake had a hand in a lot of other new music these past 12 months. If you need to add some variety to your "I Love You, Drake" playlist (come on, we all have one), here are a few tracks that haven't yet hit that billion-play mark.

There's the newly released Drake and Gucci Mane track, "Both" from Gucci Mane's album The Return of East Atlanta Santa, out December 16.

And here's a Drake-adjacent single from none other than his dad, Dennis Graham.
I hope Drake's popping a nice bottle of champagne somewhere in Toronto right now in honor of his milestone.

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