These Ridiculous Words Were Just Added To The Oxford Dictionary

Photo: Courtesy of by Oxford University Press.
2016 was a long, winding road of weird events, so it only makes sense that the newest entries to the Oxford English Dictionary reflect that. The dictionary's quarterly update was released today, and it includes around 500 new words and phrases, some of which are seriously absurd.

According to Time, one of the new words is a shout-out to a huge and important 2016 bummer, Brexit. The word is defined as, "the (proposed) withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, and the political process associated with it."

The addition of Brexit certainly makes sense as it's been on everybody's lips since the shocking upset took place this past summer. There are a few words, however, that made it into the OED that are complete surprises. For instance, among the new words, you'll find "glam-ma." In case you didn't know, a glam-ma is a glamorous grandmother. "YouTuber" was also added, as well as the phrase "get your freak on." So, maybe 2016 was rough, but at least some amusing dictionary entries came out of it.

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